Yamanashi, Here I Come!


So it’s been a few days since I found out, but I got my placement this past week!

Ladies and gentlemen, I will be a proud citizen of Hokuto-shi in Yamanashi prefecture.

Yamanashi was my second choice placement, so I’m pretty stoked to get somewhere I actually wanted to go.  Also, my friends Sara and Geneva both live there and are on JET, so we’ll get to be fellow Yamanashians.  Sara said I may even be living in the same teacher housing where she lives.  Um, AWESOME.

I’ve been doing research on Hokuto-shi, and there’s some seriously awesome things there.  Like a huge sunflower field, a gorgeous forest (which calls itself Beautiful Forest, btdubs), and lots of cool festivals.  Not to mention, it won’t be as unbearably hot as the rest of Japan during the summer due to being near mountains.  Apparently, people have summer houses in the Japanese alps.  Who knew?

I haven’t heard from my Contracting Organization or predecessor yet.  They may not have decided where I’ll be hired.  But I do know that only two people in Hokuto-shi are leaving.  So I will either be getting a decent one-person apartment near a good friend or my very own two-bedroom house.  Either way, STOKED.

So you incoming JETs, have you gotten your placements yet?  What are some cool things about that place?  Let me know in the comments!