Four Weeks and Counting…*starts hyperventilating*


Okay, so.

Oh my gosh.

I’ve got four weeks left. ¬†I can’t even put a number on it right now. Any time I think about it, I start freaking out inside. ¬†It’s only going to get worse.

I know things will be fine. ¬†They will be fine. ¬†But there’s so much to do, and I’m going to miss my bed and my parents and America (even if it is a crappy nation sometimes).

So I finally got pretty much all of my information now. ¬†It’s always right after I get super stressed out about it that I finally hear stuff. ¬†So yay, I guess? ¬†My potential predecessor is actually my predecessor. ¬†It’s confirmed that I’m taking over for her and have three schools–two elementary and one junior high school. ¬†I know the names of the schools and also that one elementary school is right next to the junior high school. ¬†It’ll be at least a half hour commute every day.

The apartment I thought I was getting next to my friend Sara, aka my pred’s apartment, will not actually be mine. ¬†This isn’t confirmed, but my pred heard that the other JET coming in with me will have her apartment. ¬†So I’ll probably get the empty apartment next to my friend Geneva, which is more north in Kiyosato.

I’m actually kind of excited about this. ¬†Basically, I’ll be getting a new apartment that probably will be furnished with a fridge, washing machine, and stove. ¬†So those won’t have to be bought. ¬†Everything else will have to be bought.

My pred wants to sell all of her stuff, but I can’t afford it. ¬†Plus, I don’t want to buy everything. ¬†I want to get my own stuff and make the apartment my own. ¬†That way it can feel more like home. ¬†Geneva also said I could borrow some things until I get my own.

You know, when I first applied for JET, I wanted Saitama so I would be so near my friends and would have to be more independent. ¬†But now I’m really glad I’m near them. ¬†It’ll make the transition a lot easier. ¬†Plus, Geneva and I are probably going to split Internet. BONUS!

I’m also talking to the English-speaking mechanic in Yamanashi about buying a car. ¬†He’s been very helpful, and he sent me some car options in my price range. ¬†There’s one that’s around $1100 and doesn’t need insurance renewal until next October. ¬†It’s a smaller car, but it’ll be something I can get around in. ¬†We’ll see what the options are when I get there.

Not much else to report on this end. ¬†Started buying stickers for my students this weekend. ¬†I’ve got to work on omiyage and the rest of the stuff I need before I leave.

Plus, I still haven’t finished subbing Algernon. ¬†I’m such a procrastinator…