Something I Never Worried About Before


My name.

Those of you who happen to read this are probably in Japan or know Japanese or going on JET or some combo of these.  You know how Japanese is pronounced, right?

I’ve known all along how my name is pronounced.

Laura Huff is pronounced
ローラ ハーフ or rohra hahfu.

Here’s the problem, though.  It’s something I just started to encounter during my last trip to Japan.

Currently, there’s a model/talento named Rola.  Here’s a picture of her:

rolaShe frequently appears on variety shows and displays a child-like demeanor.  She’s often imitated because she’s kind of ridiculous on TV.  Last time I was in Japan, someone said she was “ditzy.”

Rola is also half-Japanese, and we know how half-Japanese people are sometimes looked at as a marvel in the entertainment world.

So here’s my problem.  If you haven’t noticed already.  Her name is also pronounced ローラ.  But here’s the worse part.  My last name is pronounced ハーフ, which is the same term for someone who is half-Japanese.  Rola is half-Japanese.

Do you see where I’m going with this yet?


Now, it may not happen that much.  It may even just be marked upon without it becoming a big deal.  And if so, I’ll just laugh, agree with the weird coincidence and move on.



I’ve never had to worry about this before.

Anyone else worried about people mispronouncing or maybe making a joke of their name?