Look Out Japan, Here Comes Laura!


kimmy23It’s official!  Laura’s going to Japan!

Okay, it’s not “official” as I haven’t sent in my paperwork yet, but I will and then it will be on like Lebron…that’s not a thing…

Like pretty much everyone else on JET, I’m starting this blog to document the experience of applying, interviewing, getting accepted, packing, freaking out, rejoicing, moving, crying, laughing, what-the-heck’ing, and everything in between about my experience on the JET Program.

Last Monday, I was in a state of constant anxiety because all of us pretty much knew that the JET results would be out that day–BUT WHO WOULD FIND OUT AND WHO WOULD HAVE TO WAIT???

We quickly found out–by we, I mean those of us in the JET Applicants Facebook group or on I Think I’m Lost–that most of the US consulates would find out that day.  I waited and waited all day, trying to keep myself distracted with work (ha!) and subbing a drama called Ouroboros.  But it just wasn’t enough.  I finally walked around the building where I work and then decided to go for a walk outside.  I sent another applicant friend a Facebook message and we pondered whether we’d find out that day.  It was literally killing us from the inside.

As soon as I started my walk, around 5:00pm, the email notification on my phone went off.  Ironically, I was right next to the chapel on campus.  I saw “Congratulations” and started jumping up and down, freaking out passers-by.

The next day and a half was a blur of mixed emotions.  I told my parents and put the news on Facebook and watched Cabin in the Woods with a friend while being halfway distracted.  For the past week I’ve still had anxiety, but I’m getting excited.  Plus, I’m reading about other people’s experiences and doing a ton of research because that’s how I am about these things.  During the actual application process, I tried not to invest too much into JET because I didn’t know if I would get in.  Now that I’m in, I can be ALL in.

So coming up, I’ve got to get in my first round of paperwork including getting fingerprinted and getting a physical.  Then there’s the AAJET Q&A session at my consulate.  It’s optional, but I’m totally going to get insight into JET life that’s more than just Every Situation Is Different.  Okay, I know that, but I also want to know about as many situations as possible.  Because I liked to be PREPARED.

(I can’t decide if “Be Prepared” from The Lion King or “Be Prepared” from Hoodwinked would be better to insert here)

I’ll update with some more stuff later, including what my application process was like

Also, you guys should watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix. It’s awesome.